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Why should you make an Allegiant Airlines booking?

For the amazing in-flight amenities

For the convenience of all customers, Allegiant Air provides a selection of snacks and beverages onboard. Everything will be of the highest possible quality and freshness. Beverages, beer, and wine, as well as individual snacks and deli snacks, are available for purchase onboard. Passengers can use their mobile devices, such as iPods, laptops, tablets, iPads, and other similar devices, in airplane mode if the flight attendant advises them to do so.

For online check-in

Allegiant Air offers an online check-in service that starts 24 hours before departure and lasts until 60 minutes before departure. The airline also provides a free Android and iPhone app. It can be used to check-in, make arrangements for priority boarding, and add seats to a flight. This service allows passengers to board the plane without having to fill out any documentation.

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Allegiant Airlines booking

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